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TWASA - Cosmetics, Toiletries, Skin Care, Personal Care, Body Care Products Manufacturer Exporter Supplier in India Such as: Soap, Skin Care, Skin Treatment Kit, Beauty Kit, Facial Kit, Hair Care, Oral Care, Shave Cream, Baby Care, Herbal Products Skin Care Products | Herbal Natural Skin Cream, Lotion, Gel Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in India

Cosmetics Skin Care and Personal Care Products Manufacturer, Exporter,upplier from India

Twasa Cosmetics is a reputed Cosmetic, Beauty, Toiletries and Skin care Products manufacturer, supplier and exporter having its own state-of-the-art production unit in Ahmedabad, India. We have well equipped plant & machinery, trained manpower and R&D Facility, through promise to provide best quality cosmetic beauty Products products.

Twasa Cosmetics has developed various Custom Cosmetics and Ayurvedic Products to offer under Cosmetics Third Party Manufacturing. Based on our experience and knowledge we choose some products which are most popular and demanding in their respective segment and offer them for Private Label Manufacturing. The brand owners can easily have these products under their own private label brand names with minimal customisations.

We are offering Cosmetics, Skin Care, Toiletries, Oral Care, Hair Care, Personal Care & Baby Care Products like Herbal Soap, Facial Kit, Toothpaste, Shaving Cream / Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Relaxer Cream, Hair Pomed, Fairness Cream, Skin Lightening Cream, Moisturizing Cold Cream, Body Lotion, OTC Products, Hair Wax, Hair Styling Gel, Face Wash, bath and body Wash, lotions, Complexion Mask, Peel Off Mask with international Standards from India.

With having the technological know- how we speed product development, reduce production cycle time and maximizes yields. Our commitment to quality has been recognized and certified by customers in India and is growing globally.

We continuously involved in development & production of many innovative and trending formulations and delivering best & finest quality Herbal, Ayurvedic & Pure Natural Cosmetics products in prefix budget and time-frame with global standards throughout the world, made of completely natural ingredients and with utmost care to ensure that our consumers get the best experience possible when using our Products.

Combining our family expertise with the onsite insight, We proudly Offer our selves as Third Party Manufacturer of Cosmetics & Ayurvedic Products for one stop innovative product development recipes with virtually unlimited 360 Degree flexibility to Customize Cosmetics Products for Cosmetic Private Labelling Service.

HCP Wellness LLP
Silver Facial Kit Dulhan Facial Kit Fruit Facial Kit Chocolate Facial Kit
Gold Facial Kit Bridal Facial Kit Papaya Facial Kit Choco Facial Kit
Pearl Facial Kit Noni Facial Kit Mango Facial Kit Saffron Facial Kit
Diamond Facial Kit Aloe Vera Facial Kit Banana Facial Kit Kesar Facial Kit
Platinum Facial Kit Haldi / Turmeric Facial Kit Badam Facial Kit Triphala Facial Kit
Fairness Facial Kit Green Tea Anti Pollution Kit Almond Facial Kit Herbal Facial Kit
  Wine Facial Kit Coconut Facial Kit Vitamin E Facial Kit
Shampoo Hair Cleanser Shampoo with Conditioner Herbal Shampoo Ayurvedic Shampoo
Aloe Vera Shampo Neem Shampo Pearl Creamy Shampoo Transparent Shampo Green Apple Shampoo
Keratin Shampoo Apple Cider Shampoo Hair Fall Control Shampoo Hair Cream  
Hair Oil Amla Hair Oil Herbal Hair Oil Cool Hair Oil  
Hair Gel Hair Styling Gel Hair Food Hair Serum Hair Lotion
Hair Conditioner Hair Spa Hair Fall Control Lotion Hair Pomade  
Wax Hair Dye Herbal Heena Hair Pack Hair Soap
Tea Tree Hair Oil Tea Tree Shampoo Anti Dandruff Shampoo    
Hair Spa Kit        
Body Spa Kit Products
Nourishing Body Cleaner Micro Scrub Cream Spa Massage Cream Skin Complexion Oil
Spa Lite Mask Cleansing Lotion Coffee Sugar Scrub  
Face Wash Hand Wash Herbal Face Wash Lemon Face Wash
Pimple Care Face Wash Cleansing Face Wash Face Wash Gel Face Wash Cream
Neem Face Wash Fruit Face Wash Bath Wash Gel Body Wash
Exfoliating Face Wash (with Glycolic Acid & Salicylic Acid) Face & Body Wash With Active Beads
Face Scrub Body Scrub    
Apricot Scrub walnut Scrub Cucumber Scrub Strawberry Scrub
White Toothpaste Gel Toothpaste Fluoride White Toothpaste Speciality Toothpaste  
Fluoride Gel Toothpaste Non Fluoride Gel Toothpaste Bubble Gum Toothpaste    
Herbal Toothpaste Herbal Gel Toothpaste Neem Toothpaste Natural Toothpaste Clove Toothpaste
Noni Toothpaste Ganoderma Toothpaste Charcoal Toothpaste Ayurvedic Toothpaste  
Tarter Control Toothpaste Flavoured Tooth Paste Non Fluoride White Toothpaste
Calcium Carbonate Based Toothpaste Soda Bi-Carbonate Toothpaste (Teeth Whitening Toothpaste)
Kids ToothPaste Fruit Flavor Toothpaste (Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Lemon, Pineapple)  
Anti-Bacterial or Ani-Gingivities Toothpaste Baking Soda Toothpaste Sensitive Toothpaste  
Mouth Freshner        
After Shave Lotion (Non Alcohol Base) After Shave Cream (Non Alcohol Base)
Beard Wax Hair Wax Beard Growth Oil Beard Softner Beard Wash
Mustache Wax Beard Serum Tatoo Shiner Gel Tatoo Shiner Oil  
Hair Growth Gel Intimate Wash for men      
Shave Cream Shave Cream Pouch Shave Gel After Shave Lotion  
Leather Shaving Cream Leather Shaving Gel Aloe Vera Shaving Cream Aloe Vera Shaving Gel  
Tea Tree Oil Shaving Cream Tea Tree Oil Shaving Gel Menthol Shaving Cream Menthol Shaving Gel  
Baby Cream Baby Lotion Baby Shampoo Baby Bubble Bath Baby Hair Oil
Baby Massage Oil Baby Talc Baby Petroleum Jelly Baby Powder  


As a part of Cosmetics Contract Manufacturers Service Partner, We provide personal attention and customer service through every step of production, taking a new product idea / concept, formulation, packaging design to on the shelf product.

At TWASA we are committed to Quality, Innovation and Hygiene. All our products are well tested for better results.
Our products are widely accepted in local as well as in the exports markets. We are offering all above mention items in the private label & customized as per the buyer requirements & specifications.

Twasa is leading Cosmeceutical Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in India promise to provide products of the Quality and Care and this is why our products are made with no animal fats, fillers or harmful chemicals, but are made with natural ingredients to ensure high standards of manufacturing are maintained.

If you are looking for Private Labeling or Contract Manufacturing of your start up or dream project, We offer complete bunch of services under one roof, please contact us.

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