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Private Label Cosmetic & Ayurvedic Products

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Twasa Cosmetics has vast extensive experience in the cosmetics product development and having expert knowledge of various kind of cosmetic, cosmeceutical and dermaceutical products,

Twasa Cosmetics has developed a range of beauty products which are known to give the desired results and are tried and tested. All these products are available under our brand name Twasa, which are ready to sell, and also available for Private Label Manufacturing to the brand owners or start up or willing to launch their own brand to sell product formulas under the luxury of their own reputed brand.

Many of startups are looking to have various Cosmetics, Herbal & Ayurvedic products under their own brand name but MOQ makes trouble for them. If you are one of them then you should definitely check out our Private Label Manufacturing services : Under the concept of Private Label Manufacturing in which we also allow lower order quantities with minimal customizations in formulation and products packaging.

We do observe and our R&D Lab team continue research on more and more products which is in current trend and having hot selling in the market. We offer all that products Under private label manufacturing belonging to the categories like Skin Care, Skin Protection, Skin Cleanser, Hair Care, Hair Cleanser, Oral Care, Baby Care, Man’s Grooming, Toothpaste and Personal Care. Some of our private label products are Cosmetic based, some other are Herbal and some are Ayurvedic based.

Private Label Cosmetic & Ayurvedic Products
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