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Shea Butter Soap

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Shea Butter Soap | Pure Shea Butter African Black Soap Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in IndiaShea Butter is extracted from the nut of West Africa's wild karite tree. Its high content of essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidant compounds provide extreme moisturizing capabilities as well as cellular restoration.

Twasa is Shea Butter Soap Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India. Shea Butter Soaps are all natural sources of vitamin A and vitamin E, the very nutrients needed to maintain firm, clear, youthful skin. Shea butter is such an intensive moisturizer that it is great for the body, the face.

Shea butter is one of Nature's wonders, but it is a special one. It has been used for millennia by many generations of African people for skin care, baby care, healing and food. Shea butter Soap is powerful to renew, repair and protect the skin against aging and harsh climate. Part of shea butter's appeal is that it is safe to use on sensitive skin and can be beneficial for any skin type.

Shea butter Soap is well known for its moisturizing properties. On top of its uses to soothe dry skin, shea butter Soaps can also reduce scars, remove stretch marks, eliminate burn scars, reduce razor bumps, condition hair and correct a number of other skin conditions as well as treating rheumatism and muscle aches, easing colds because it helps decongests nasal mucous tissues. Shea butter soothes and softens dry, chapped skin, while nourishing all skin types. Shea Butter can be used on very sensitive skin areas such as tissues around the eyes, although you should always use caution for any product.

Shea butter Soaps - African Black Soaps is not only a superb moisturizer; it has many health benefits as well. You will notice a remarkable difference in the appearance of your skin within 7-14 days of Using our Shea Butter Soaps. Shea Butter soap is so gentle it can be used by people with ultra sensitive skin- and even on babies!

For Making Shea Butter Soap, we are committed to using the highest quality, naturally extracted shea butter available, free from impurities and chemical processors to provide you with the ultimate in skin conditioning!

Shea Butter Soap Benefits to your skin :

Shea butter has proven successful in the treatment of various skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis and in some cases rosacia
  • Shea butter helps to restore elasticity to the skin
  • Shea butter helps to heal cuts and burns without scarring
  • Shea butter helps to minimize stretch marks
  • Shea butter has natural sun protection qualities for your skin and hair (though it should not be used in place of sunscreen)
  • Shea butter works wonderfully on razor bumps and rashes
  • It's an intensive general moisturizer, ideal for dry, cracking skin. Especially good for those extra dry spots: elbows, heels, knees and cuticle beds.
  • Our Shea Butter Soaps are hand made and machine made, purely made from natural ingredients / products. The subtle colors are derived from natural spices and botanicals. All our products are available in different color, sizes and fragrances.

  • Shea Butter Soaps Available Sizes :

    10gm., 25gm., 25gm., 30gm., 35gm., 50gm., 75gm., 100gm., 110gm., 125gm.

    We are Shea Butter Soap manufacturing, supplying, exporting of various type of High Quality Shea Butter Soaps from India. Our Shea Butter Soap manufacturing unit, at our premise, is equipped with all sort of hitech & modern machinery producing best of Shea Butter Bath Soaps. We take utmost care of hygeinic factors during production process.

    As a quality committed organization, our foremost objective is to provide superior quality range of Custom Shea Butter Soap / Private Label Butter Soaps. To maintain unique & exclusive quality Shea Butter Products, We have a quality testing lab that is managed by professionals of Shea Butter Soaps.

    We offer customized packaging of Shea Butter Soaps to our clients as per their specifications. Our valued clients can avail these from us at affordable prices.

    We have developed our expertise in catering the Custom Shea Butter Soap as per demands of our customers. We provide our range in various quantities to suit diverse requirements of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and household needs. Further, We carefully pack our range of products.

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