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Khadi Soap - Khadi Soaps Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in IndiaTwasa Khadi Soaps is a pure Khadi Handmade Soap Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India. Call it Khadi Soap or Khadi Handcrafted Soap. Khadi handmade soap - from our hands for yours - the gentlest, silkiest, most latherful soap you can buy.

At Twasa, you'll find soapmakers of Khadi Soaps, who make a vast variety of Khadi handmade soaps. You'll find scented Khadi Soap, Unscented Khadi Soap, colored, swirled or layered soap, round soap, rectangle soap, herb-filled or just plain and simple, white soap. We offer handmade Khadi Soaps to wholesale, retail and private label, contract manufacturing of our Khadi Soaps. Our customer base is nationwide and worldwide.

Many of our soaps are highly desired because of their ability to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems with no side effects on skin and body.Our handmade soaps create a natural barrier to the sun, cold, and dryness. The essential fatty acids in the vegetable oils help to regulate moisture, nourish, and restructure the skin.

Our Khadi Soaps are hand made and machine made, purely made from natural ingredients products. The subtle colors are derived from natural spices and botanicals. All our products are available in different color, sizes and fragrances.

Khadi Soap is made using pure vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, natural emollients, water, essential or fragrance oils. Once combined, the vegetable oils and sodium hydroxide react with one another and neutralize into soap. This process is called saponification.

Khadi Soap Available Sizes :

10gm., 25gm., 25gm., 30gm., 35gm., 50gm., 75gm., 100gm., 110gm., 125gm.

Twasa Khadi Soap is the largest manufacturing, supplying, exporting of Khadi Soap from India. We specialize in making khadi handmade soap using the cold process method which leaves a high glycerin content resulting in a naturally Handmade moisturizing soap. it is skin friendly and provides wonderful fragrance. We are a supplier to both retail and wholesale.

Our variety of Our Khadi Soap are made of completely natural ingredients and with utmost care to ensure that our consumers get the best experience possible when using our High Quality Khadi Soap. Our company has satisfied customers both locally and foreign over the years, by providing visible skin clearing results and other benefits since our existence. These Khadi Soaps can be availed from us at the market leading prices.

Khadi Soap Available in Various type Like :

Khadi Neem Soap, Khadi Aloe Vera Soap, Khadi Vitamin E Soap, Khadi Tea Tree Oil Soap, Khadi Shea Butter Soap, Khadi Almond Soap, Khadi Cocoa Butter Soap, Khadi Turmeric Soap, Khadi Olive Oil Soap, Khadi Saffron Soap, Khadi Wheat Germ Oil Soap, Khadi Oat Meal Soap, Khadi Sandal Soap, Khadi Goat Milk Soap, Khadi Panchagavya Soap, Khadi Panchamrut Soap, Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap, Khadi Honey Oatmeal Soap, Khadi Papaya Soap with Khadi Orange and Khadi Ginger Essential Oil.

Everything about Twasa Khadi Soaps, from the look and feel of the products and packaging to the fragrances, is a delight to the feminine senses. we have developed our expertise in catering the Custom Khadi Soap / Private Label Khad Soaps as per demands of our customers.

Our Khadi Soap manufacturing unit, at our premise, is equipped with all sort of hitech & modern machinery producing best of Khadi Herbal Bath Soaps. We take utmost care of hygeinic factors during production process.

As a quality committed organization, our foremost objective is to provide superior quality range of Khadi Soaps. Proper use of ingredients has enabled us to process products in accordance with industry standards. To maintain unique & exclusive quality of Khadi Soap Products, we have a quality testing lab that is managed by professionals of Khadi Soaps.

If you are an Importer / Distributor looking for fantastic Khadi Soaps at an incredible value that are ethically produced then you have come to the right place.

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We are Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Khadi Soap to Country or Region such as Khadi Soap India, Khadi Soap Mumbai, Khadi Soaps Navi Mumbai, Khadi Soap Bhubaneswar and Khadi Soaps Odisha. We provide our products across the Globe. Such as Khadi Soaps Nepal, Khadi Soaps Africa, Khadi Soap Benin, Khadi Soaps Nigeria, Khadi Soap Ghana, Khadi Soaps Latin America, Khadi Soaps Yemen, Khadi Soap Dubai, Khadi Soaps UK, Khadi Soap US Khadi Soaps (United States), Khadi Soap Middle East, Khadi Soaps Russia, Khadi Soap Australia, Khadi Soaps Germany, Khadi Soap Malaysia, Khadi Soaps Bangladesh, Khadi Soap Singapore, Khadi Soaps London, Khadi Soap Delhi, Khadi Soaps Ahmedabad, Khadi Soap Bangalore, Khadi Soaps Pune, Khadi Soap Jaipur, Khadi Soaps Chennai, Khadi Soap Hyderabad, Khadi Soaps Kolkata, Khadi Soap Rajasthan, Khadi Soaps Punjab, Khadi Soap Bhopal, Khadi Soaps Andhra Pradesh, Khadi Soap Madhya Pradesh, Khadi Soaps Lucknow, Khadi Soap Karnataka etc...
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