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Anti Bacterial Soap - Antibacterial Soaps Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in IndiaAntibacterial Soap - Anti Bacteria Soaps Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in India. It seems like everything is "antibacterial" these days. Many common diseases are viral in nature, anyway, and are therefore we need to use antibacterial Soap or Liquid hand Wash, It Decrease water's surface tension, Bind to dirt, oil and bacteria.

Keep you and your family healthy with Antibacterial Hand Soap. Antibacterial foaming hand wash kills 99.9% of germs. Hand Soap formula is clincally proven to eliminate 99% of germs. Gentle on skin, the foaming anti-bacterial hand soap has light, creamy foam leaving hands feeling dry. Light moisturizers help leave skin feeling smooth and soft. Wash away bacteria with this hand soap! Use it daily for a complete clean every time you wash your hands.

Antibacterial Soap is any cleaning product to which active antibacterial ingredients have been added. Anti bacteria Liquid Soap kill bacteria and microbes. Antibacterial Liquid Moisturizing Soap is a premium liquid soap with mild, yet effective skin cleaners.

Antibacterial formula contains four gentle emollients and conditioners to help protect skin's natural moisture level and maintain its natural pH balance.

Antimicrobial Soap with Active ingredient Triclosan kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and yeasts, and helps to prevent the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens. Contains emollients and skin conditioners to ensure mildness even with frequent hand washings.

This Soaps containing antimicrobial active ingredients remove more bacteria than simply washing with plain soap and water. Use of antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers to decline in infection rates. Antibacterial cleaning and hygiene products as an influential factor in carriage of antimicrobial drug-resistant bacteria on the hands of household members.

Liquid Antibacterial Soap contains a broad-spectrum degerming agent. For use in medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants. Mild formula helps promote frequent handwashing and body washing while killing germ.

Antibacterial Soap kills germs, yet is gentle on hands. Contains quick-acting antimicrobial agent and an effective degreaser. Lightly scented, non-irritating formula encourages frequent use.

Our Anti Bacterial Soaps are hand made and machine made, purely made from natural ingredients / products. The subtle colors are derived from natural spices and botanicals. All our products are available in different color, sizes and fragrances.

Anti Bacterial Soaps Available Sizes :

10gm., 25gm., 25gm., 30gm., 35gm., 50gm., 75gm., 100gm., 110gm., 125gm.

We are Antibacterial Soap manufacturing, supplying, exporting of various type of High Quality Antibacterial Soap catering numerous clients all across the globe. Afraid of any surgical skin treatment, then our Anti Bacteria Soaps is the best remedy for you. Our soap takes care of all family members be it of any age.

As a quality committed organization, our foremost objective is to provide superior quality range of Custom Antibacterial Soap / Anti Bacteria Soaps. To maintain unique & exclusive quality Antibacterial Liquid Soap Products, We have a quality testing lab that is managed by professionals of Anti Bacterial Soaps.

We offer customized packaging of Anti-bacterial Soaps to our clients as per their specifications. Our valued clients can avail these from us at affordable prices.

We have developed our expertise in catering the Anti-Bacterial | Anti Bacterial | Antibacterial Face Wash, Hand Wash, Soaps as per demands of our customers. We provide our range in various quantities to suit diverse requirements of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and household needs. Further, We carefully pack our range of products.

We offer the premium quality Anti-Bacterial Bath Soap at highly competitive prices. We provide Antibacterial Bath Soap to the customers as per their specifications within scheduled time period.

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