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Under Eye Cream

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Beauty Soap Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in IndiaUnder Eye Cream manufacturer, export, supplier in India: Under Eye Creams with Vitamin E & A erase the signs & effects of tired & stressed eyes, puffiness & dark circles to enhance natural beauty & sparkle of the eyes. Regular use of this Under Eye Cream with Vitamin E & Aproduct brings gradual fairness at the dark patches under the eyes. This Under Eye Cream with Vitamin E & A product is antiseptic in nature & protects from germs & bacterial infections.

Your eyes are the gates to your soul. Make sure that they are clear and they had enough rest and sleep. Dark circles under eyes are a common beauty problem. Dark circles occur more frequently and are more noticeable with age, because as we get older, our skin loses collagen and becomes thinner and more translucent. Skin discoloration under the eyes affects just about everybody at some time or another. For some of us, however, these dark circles are a near-constant bother. These under eye dark circles give us an appearance of tiredness or illness.

Our range of Herbal Under Eye Cream is very effective in fighting visible fine lines & dark circles. Its purely natural and formulated from the herbal extracts. This gel holds specialty in reducing visible fine lines and dark circles around eyes.

Our Natural Under Eye Cream give excellent results especially in treatment of dark circles under the eyes. Under eye cream comprises

of aloevera, jojoba, Cipadessa Baccifera, Bergenia Ligulata, Wheatgerm Oil, Green Tea, Walnut Seed, Cucumber which restore the alpha hydroxy acids and cleanse the delicate skin under the eyes thus reducing the dark circles. it also improves blood circulation and provides nourishment to the skin. Direction of use-Apply to the skin under the eyes and massage gently.

Benefits of Under Eye Cream

It contains the breakthrough herbal actives of Cipadessa baccifera and Bergenia Ligulata (Pasanabheda).
It reduces the appearance of dark circles and protects the sensitive area under the eyes from sunlight.
It detoxifies and moisturizes the under eye area and smoothens wrinkles and fine lines.
Its regular usage helps prevent new wrinkle formation.

General Symptoms of Under Eye Wrinkles and Dark Circles:

Dark circles may be hereditary.
Nasal congestion can also cause dark under eye circles.
Chronic atopic eczema on skin can cause dark circles.
Eyelid swelling or eye puffiness can produce
Dark Circles under eyes are generally due to a lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, deficiency or some disease.
Dark circles under eyes may also be due to aging which thins the skin around the eyes.

Advantages of Treatment of Under Eye Cream

Eliminate & Balance dark circles NATURALLY
Start looking Young, Happy, Healthy and Attractive.
Look younger and feel great every time you look in the mirror.
Regenerate your hepatic system and promote clear radiant skin.
Remove dark circles from your eyes even if they are caused by heredity.
Improve your self-esteem by knowing that your dark circles are gone forever.
Reduce the puffiness and lighten your circles with these all-natural solutions.
Recover the spark that was once in your eyes but went unnoticed relinquished by your dark circles.

Under Eye Cream Available Sizes in Jars / Tubes / Stick:

25gm., 50gm., 75gm., 110gm., 150gm., 250gm., 300gm., 500gm.

We are Under Eye Cream manufacturing, supplying, exporting of various type of High Quality Under Eye Cream from India. Our Natural Under Eye Cream manufacturing unit, at our premise, is equipped with all sort of hitech & modern machinery producing best of Under Eye Cream. We take utmost care of hygeinic factors during production process.

As a quality committed organization, our foremost objective is to provide superior quality range of Custom Under Eye Cream / Private Label Under Eye Cream. To maintain unique & exclusive quality Under Eye Cream Products, We have a quality testing lab that is managed by professionals of Under Eye Cream.

We offer customized packaging of Under Eye Cream to our clients as per their specifications. Our valued clients can avail these from us at affordable prices.

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